Welcome to the new version of the newsletter and blog, ya gems!

Hey there, photographers!

For five years, I’ve helped photographers unleash their unique voices to meaningfully connect with ideal clients and fill their booking calendars. Throughout that journey, I’ve shared tips on tips on tips through many channels, including two newsletters, a blog, Instagram, Facebook, and more. But because the information I shared was spread across so many locations, it was easy for the best of it to slip through the cracks on its way to you. Which, ya know, isn’t ideal.

So, I decided to make a change! Now, I’ve chosen to blend all of those outlets and the information I shared on them into a single, easy-to-access platform—welcome to The Write Lens substack!

Here, free subscribers will receive one super-juicy, info-packed article a month. Paid subscribers will receive that article, too, plus three additional articles (including copy-and-pastable templates previously only shared with my clients!) each month! There are also opportunities for me to record a voiceover for the articles, share videos, run polls, and more. And with a comments section at the bottom of each article like the one you’ll find here, you’ll be able to interact and ask questions FAR more easily than before. All of this will allow us to dive even more deeply into the topics we cover, helping you to truly master the art and strategy of marketing your photography business.

Today, free subscribers have access to a library of posts to dig through, and will receive a new one each month beginning in two weeks. Meanwhile, if you choose to join our paid membership, you’ll immediately receive access to all that, PLUS a collection of email newsletters that were initially only available to our clients—including FOUR free email templates you can begin using today! Then, you’ll receive a new article weekly beginning next week!

So, whether you choose to remain a free subscriber or join the paid community, I’m thrilled to continue serving you and to make the experience in The Write Lens community better than ever!

Thanks a million,